Monthly Archives: August 2008

Randomize feature added

I just added a new randomize link feature to the links section (above). Clicking on that will bring up a random post from this blog each time it’s clicked so you never know what you might get. Neat eh? Here’s the direct link also: Bookmark it. Learn it, live it! Clicking on my logo […]

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A Really Fat Cat

Yes, this cat is really this fat, no digital manipulation was done to this image. I ran across him/her in the neighborhood where my Dad lives. It can hardly walk and even just standing up is difficult for the poor kitty. Isn’t this the fattest cat you’ve ever seen?

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Time is all that matters

This is a great lecture on time management by the late (and great) Randy Pausch. I highly recommend it to everyone: More: Randy Pausch May 18th, 2008 graduation speech Randy Pausch “The Last Lecture”: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (2007) “The Last Lecture” book on

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