Monthly Archives: November 2008

Portrait session with Karen

I just finished editing shots from a photo shoot I did with Karen-current UC Berkeley student and grad school applicant extraordinaire. And I’ve been playing with a cool piece of equipment that I recently got-an Alien Bees Ringflash. These shots were lit with the ringflash at various settings. While I can’t say I’ve completely mastered […]

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Adventure game on the iPhone

Adventure brings me right back to my childhood and it’s currently available free on the iPhone/iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store! Anyone who used to play the Atari 2600 and owns an iPhone or iPod Touch will need no further explanation. “Adventure basically pioneered the action-adventure genre of games, and that though its art […]

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CNN – stop calling it a hologram

You may have seen CNN’s election night coverage where they beamed in some ‘holograms’ (clip above). Well, it wasn’t really a hologram, but you probably knew that. For it to have really been a hologram, the 3D image would have had to have been projected into space, right there in front of Wolf Biltzer. Instead, […]

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