How run Adobe Photoshop on two computers

Did you know that you can run Adobe Photoshop (CS3 / CS4 etc.) on two computers using the same serial number?

Actually, you can do this with any Adobe product. The Adobe software license states that you don’t need to buy a copy for each computer (up to two computers), if you have a desktop and a laptop for example.

If you install it on two computers but are getting a “Too many Activations” error, this probably means that you had it installed on a third computer and did not de-activate it from there previously.

This was a problem I had because I had installed it on an old computer and then when I got my new computer and wiped my old computer clean, I had not thought about first de-activating Photoshop.

So, as I learned today, if you have this issue, just contact Adobe and they will get it working for you over the phone or online by resetting things on their servers. I was pleasantly surprised that there was not a very long hold time on the phone and the first person I spoke to was able to help me in about 5 minutes total even though I could barely understand his English (I believe he was in India).

Now I can run Photoshop on both my MacPro and my Macbook Pro!

PatrickJanuary 14, 2011 - 8:21 pm

Thank you! Here I kept thinking I could only install on one machine – I contacted Adobe and they reset their servers and I was able to install on my second machine.

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